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Just Sayin’


“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” …Buddha


While walking slowly along the muddy path raindrops soaked my favorite fishing cap. It didn’t matter. I could hear the rushing river in the distance, and was glad that there was nowhere else I had to be. A solitary ray of morning sunshine penetrated the thick canopy of 100 foot Cedars that towered over me, and I could see that last nights thunderstorm had saturated the forest. The river would be swollen as well, and I envisioned large numbers of Salmon finally able to return from the sea.

I had prepared for battle, having tied a few dozen flies the night before, and calmly headed for my favorite bend in the river. My eight weight fly rod would have more than enough power to tame the mightiest fish.

As I walked peacefully through the dark, damp forest I knew that my task was to anger these great fighters. After more than a year in the bountiful ocean their bellies were filled with Herring and Krill. There was no more interest in eating as they unerringly returned to the spawning grounds where their journeys had begun. My task was to place myself between them and their destination.

I emerged from the forest and began to deftly navigate the boulders strewn about by the rain swollen rage. The river’s edge was nearer than yesterday, and the curving flow that I had known so well was now a new opportunity to explore. The Salmon would have abundant places to hide, but I had my polarized glasses, and could spot their movements beneath the surface.

I tied a Pink Bunny Leech to my line and prepared to commence the inevitable battle. I picked a spot and shot the tight looping line toward a point of decision. The tranquility of the forest path would be there when I returned, but the moment at hand required that I focus on the drifting line.

My last fading thought as the river cast its spell, was how the magic would reel me in once again the next day.

Life is good.


November 8, 2011 - Posted by | thoughts

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