uncluttered soul

finding peace in the midst of chaos

Magical Mystery

 “From small beginnings come great things.” …Proverb


Many times in life, when others are hurting, we proclaim ourselves to be heroes, saviors, enlightened, all knowing. I have been guilty of this often, with less than ideal consequences. While I believe my heart to be good, and my intentions honorable, I am human. Which is to say that there are times when my own needs disguise themselves as desires to be of service to others.

Life plays tricks on us, makes us believe that with intelligent thinking we can create great change, when all that is really necessary is to simply be present. The sun creates countless fields of blooming wildflowers just by shining in the sky. Raindrops quench the thirst for growth just by falling from the clouds. The examples are endless.

I don’t deny that man is capable of creating great change, but to quote Soraya, “Sometimes tomorrow comes just as it should”.


September 16, 2011 - Posted by | thoughts

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