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If Happiness And Suffering Are States Of Mind, Why Cross Borders In Search Of Your Smile?

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” …Melody Beattie


“What stop sign?” I defiantly cry, as I charge past the rusty, age-old scrap of metal that stands vigilant over the highway. There’s no time to stop! I’m in search of answers.

The moment can wait, is long gone, or I imagine will be here soon enough. Whatever. I don’t have time to be present. The road twists in the distance, and armed with lessons from the past I’ll be able to navigate the treacherous miles ahead.

I can’t slow down. Memories pursue me from behind, temptation to hit the brakes and flood the highway with sorrow. I suppose it wouldn’t matter much if the truck hit me again.

I am one large, lonely teardrop perilously defying the gravity of my broken heart. Where once there was laughter and love, there is now sadness and confusion. The questions come fast, and fill the emptiness of my heart with chaos. What happened???

Ahhh!!! Self pity can be a wonderful thing, but gratitude will indeed make sense of what has passed.

Every now and then life creates a journey that reminds me of one simple truth.

No matter who, what, where, when, why or how, I am, and will be, OK.

It is a universal truth, as valid for you as it is for me.

Why? Because

My mother and my father said so…

I was raised by two of the most loving people you could ever meet. My father encouraged me to explore, let me make my own mistakes, and was proud of my accomplishments. My mother wrapped her arms around me, caressed my spirit, and dried my tears.

Many in our world are not so lucky. Whoever you are, my mother and my father would have loved you as they loved me.

You’re OK.

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be…

When I was a young, invincible surfer the waves many times looked much better up the beach. It didn’t matter that the vision took me closer to riptides, rocks and potential catastrophe, and sometimes the waves actually were better.

A few bruises and bumps later, I managed to survive the escapades of invincibility. While those years are far behind me, life still places riptides and rocks in my path. And I still go exploring.

My brother tells me I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Alive in the present moment. How can I possibly be anywhere else? He would tell you the same thing…

“You’re OK”.

People care about you…

Everyday the world and its madness exerts an influence on our lives. Turn on the evening news and try not to shed tears. Pick up a newspaper and try not to become bitter. It can be be taxing, to put it mildly.

Yet all we need is one smile, one pleasant “How are you?”, or one unexpected phone call. What better way is there to refresh your spirit than to be surprised and comforted by the voice of a close friend. Friends are all around you, and many times show themselves in ways you may not have expected.

You’re OK.

May your kindness be returned again and again and again…

I was given a thank you card the other day after working for a week in the home of two people I had not known before. We quickly became friends, sharing what each of us have to offer, and engaging in mindful, enjoyable conversations. It was a true pleasure being in their home.

Any kindness I share with others comes from a lifetime of meeting kind people. The world is filled with people who would love to share their kindness with you as well.

You’re OK.

Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly…

We have power within us to live our lives with compassion. It is always our choice as to how we share with others.

No matter what the circumstances of your life, you have the power to make each moment profound, significant, and worthy of sharing.

Share your peace and happiness, your love and compassion.

You are OK.


I cannot thank my parents enough for the knowledge that they would have provided love, guidance and the freedom to explore life and its wonders to anyone.

I am grateful to have been born into a wonderful family. Brothers, sister , cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, you name it, I am truly blessed with a family that thrives on random acts of kindness to others.

I received a call today from a good friend. Our conversation helped me reconnect with a more spiritual mindset. Always something to be thankful for.

I am reminded, when treated with kindness by others, that in a difficult world being kind has amazing power.

I can smile. I can breathe, and as my friends will agree, I can always go slowly.

I have much to be thankful for.

I am OK.

Find the gratitude in your life, and you will find the peace that Ms. Beattie speaks of.

Enjoy the day.

You’re OK!


August 24, 2011 - Posted by | thoughts

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