uncluttered soul

finding peace in the midst of chaos

The Wizard Of Awes

In a land far away the sky is ablaze, its towering clouds branded with the fiery orange and yellows of a setting sun. A man smiles, having abandoned all thoughts lacking in faith.

Closer to home, the first wave of a silvery white dawn washes toward me, as I rub yesterdays dust from my eyes. What will the new day bring?

If it brings opportunity, I thank You sincerely.

Quiet music meanders upon the airwaves, abruptly interrupted at times by the high pitched antics of Lovebirds scattering. They soon return, only to gather themselves for another hectic exodus to who knows where.

Sun stained Butterflies bounce from flower to flower like crazed pinballs. Hummingbirds hover, and a cool breeze toys with the coming heat.

Is your morning unfolding as nicely as mine?


I observe quietly as an industrious Dove gently descends from the heights of a Pecan tree, and begins a meticulous gathering of materials for her new home.

Surveying the land, her head and tiny feet bob and scurry like a Brazilian at Carnavál. Culling from a scattered mess of twigs she raises a possible backbone high and low, left and right, as though measuring its weight, balance and overall suitability for the project.

Some she examines and quickly discards, while others require three, four, perhaps five reviews before being hoisted aloft. She soon returns, again, and again.

Emerging from the unearthly intelligence of this undaunted Dove is a well built shelter for the young she will soon care for.

She has no blueprint, no higher education, and no well researched business plan to guide her. She moves through instinct rather than love for her babies, and never doubts her intelligence or ability.

Moments like these compel me to slow down… to embrace the beauty that is always before me… and to seek enlightenment in this Divine example of selfless purpose,  perseverance and yes, peace.

How can one not find peace in the awe inspiring simplicity of nature?

There is no right or wrong, only what works and what doesn’t work.

Alas, unlike the Dove, I struggle when I perceive that things have gone wrong, and many times fail to understand the need to leave the past behind. I often question my intelligence and ability, and can’t begin to say that I am perpetually selfless, but I do know how to persevere.

Such is the life of this uncertain spirit.

Still, as the setting sun lights up the western sky, I too will be smiling.


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