uncluttered soul

finding peace in the midst of chaos

Through The Treetops Searching For Light

The Blue Morpho butterfly’s wings are colored like a cloudless, early morning sky. With every thrust of their wingtips we are witness to the boundless beauty of nature. We can find joy in this vision, a gift, a compassionate reminder that we are not unloved.

We reverently surrender ourselves to this gift of nature and its limitless calm, in our endless search for peace. A gift of nature given freely, with eternal love. Few will find the peace we seek. A peace so complete that all desire save that of service to others is given up to the vastness of the universe.

Who am I to deserve such unconditional love? My life is a compilation of dumbness. When the sign says right I say wrong. When the sign says left I stand in line and get left behind. Perhaps like Jimi I don’t know if it’s tomorrow or just the end of time.


Nature is a cold, clear mountain stream where the eagle swoops down from the treetops and times its thievery to perfection. It’s like calculated violence, but the eagle harbors no hatred for the salmon, the salmon no hatred for the thief.

No mind. No ego. No judgement. If the eagle misses he returns to his lofty perch, while the salmon drifts a few feet downstream and once again turns his nose toward sacred waters. Oh, how I wish life were that simple.


As life would have it, the Blue Morpho butterfly is not blue at all. In fact it’s wings are colored the unassuming earth tones that nature so loves, to disguise and protect. Fuzzy grays, muddy browns and copper colored eyes project a drab, lackluster, perhaps larger than life presence that camouflages the beauty of the butterfly. Deception rolls the dice.

The upper surface of the wings of the Blue Morpho are in fact blue because of their microscopic structure. Scales and slits in the wings combine to create iridescence, interacting with sunlight to reflect the brilliant flashes of blue light that brighten tangled green webs of tropical rainforest.

Where is my iridescence? Where is my beauty that is so irresistible it has to be hidden? Why does the Blue Morpho radiate Divinity, and yet I must search all the days for mine?


The bellies of my young are empty as I fly through the treetops searching for flashes of light. God will provide. It can be no other way.

No mind, no ego, no judgement. A losing of myself, and an unconditional love for others. Faith.

That is the peace I seek.

It is elusive. It is hidden in the beauty of every moment.

Hidden only by my blindness.


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