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Peace Is All Around Us

38,000 feet. A low muffled roar of jet engines, and the soothing massage that comes from melting into the seat cushion, lull me into a brief respite from the fury just inches away. I’m on my way to a day of nice surprises, in a land far away, to a Woman I love dearly.

I figure that seven miles above the earth I am that much closer to God, and loved ones who have passed, so I take advantage of the opportunities with many Thank You’s, and a few sentimental conversations.

At times I feel the rush of wind through what’s left of my hair, and observe a man sitting quietly, eyes closed, smiling within, as we cross the coastline of Nicaragua.

Moments later, as darkness disappears, contented eyes rest upon an empty wine glass, soon refilled with the fruits of a caring tender of vines.


I was greeted with a smile in the dawning hours of the day, where the sun revisits a tired land and reminds us that all is forgiven, and it is time to begin again. We chatted, and joked, and as I placed my hand on her shoulder we enjoyed a few moments of life together. Many miles later, as I searched a revolving carousel, I would notice that she had a placed a priority tag on my luggage even though I had no priority status. It warmed my heart as quickly as the tropical heat began to fog up my glasses.

While waiting for my flight, I took my usual stroll towards the big terminal windows that face the airport runways, watching and wondering where the roaring jets were coming from, or going to. There would be many hugs and kisses, tears and goodbyes, and momentous occasions wrapped in everyday life.

I had stopped briefly to buy a cup of coffee. A pretty, young woman neatly placed napkins in their holders as she routinely readied the cafe for a busy day of hungry travelers. She had just opened up, there was no one seated inside, and she greeted me pleasantly as I approached. I asked for a cup of coffee, and took a five dollar bill from my wallet. She politely protested as I paid five dollars for a two dollar coffee, but then smiled sweetly when I said it was my chance to help her begin the day with a bit of joy.

I usually don’t talk much on airplanes. I enjoy music and don the headphones rather quickly once we’re in the air, but sometimes pleasant conversations present themselves, and this particular morning was no exception. With an open seat between us we talked about our destinations, the enjoyment of the journey, and shared a peaceful few hours together. I don’t doubt that her day proceeded as nicely as mine.


Peace is all around us, in the faces of those we meet, in puffy white clouds that hover below, in the pleasant surprises that greet us during the day. Peace never disappears, yet never strives to be found. Very simply, it is everywhere, always. It is up to us to recognize it, live it, and use it’s power to make a difference.

An unexpected surprise can be a powerful tool. Executed perfectly the anticipated results reveal themselves with effortless precision. Anticipation stirs the Soul. Faith in the Power Within gets us out of the way.

Last week I began this journey with the sole purpose of surprising my Beautiful Wife on our Anniversary. The moments recounted above are just a few of the many doors that opened on the first day, culminating in a loving reunion of hearts and another new beginning.

My stepdaughter met me at the airport, and as we navigated the treacherous streets of Panama City she called her Mother and invited her and her brother to meet for dinner. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we found them sitting at one of the street side tables, which unfortunately put me in view. I quickly exited the car and hid behind a thick column.

To anticipate great happiness is a scary ordeal. It invites even greater sadness if expectations are not met. If one can detach from the outcome, the outcome can be wonderful. It is in the execution of the moment that miraculous rewards become manifest.

Peering from behind the column my cover was blown as my stepson sighted me. I quickly put a finger to my lips, in a motion to maintain the secrecy of our plan. He played his part well, as I was able to close the few yards to their table without my wife noticing. She later told me that she wondered why he was smiling, before she turned to see that I stood barely a foot behind her.

What we shared in the next few moments I can only describe as Divine Intervention. A reunion of two hearts separated by the complexities of life. As I took her hand in mine, I simply told her how much I love her, and how happy I was to be at her side.

She was a vision of beauty, compassion, surprise and quiet contemplation. A collection of past sadness, present love, and future uncertainty. The woman to whom I bare my Soul.

We shared a tranquilly passionate kiss that lasted just a moment, but in that moment there was no universe, there was no complex world, there was no past or future.

Only She And I, And We Existed Solely For Each Other.


Some days are better than others.

Some days the world seems as though it’s coming to an end. Many days are like the one above, where the opening of doors is almost too good to be true. Other days are effortless, while some are filled with perceived difficulties.

All Days Are Filled With Peace.

It is everywhere. It is ours for the taking.

Find it, use it, and be thankful.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was so refreshing to read and picture everything you described in my mind. What a beautiful, loving and generous spirit you have. I am grateful to know you and to hear more about your trip as well as, continue to read your blog. Stay true to yourself. Holly

    Comment by HOLLY BURNS | May 23, 2011

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