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Love? or fear?

I heard on the news that those poring over the information obtained from the house of Bin Laden are “absolutely giddy”. It seems that there is a great amount of info that leads them to continue “this was a man who thought he would never be caught”.

If this is indeed true, I can imagine that Bin Laden was a man that scoffed at the idea of justice and took much pleasure in the pain of others.

There is no doubt in my mind that future deaths would have been attributed to Bin Laden, and his followers are surely already planning to continue the hatred that possesses them.

We must confront that hatred with Love, but sadly that is a Spiritual Enlightenment that our world is far from attaining. We must prevent more death by creating Love in the hearts of those who hate. We are centuries away from such revelation, but are precariously headed in the right direction.

We believe justice is done when we believe we were wronged by others, and are justified in our reaction. Can anyone say that killing Bin Laden was an act of Love? It is out of Love for our deceased Mothers, Fathers and Children, but there is no Love for Bin Laden in his killing.

We disguise our hatred as justice. We feel justified. We feel entitled. We feel that we are better human beings than Bin Laden. It seems right in our eyes to condemn him, but in the final analysis it is between him and God.

Justice in my mind would be feeding the scores of hungry children that suffer from man-made poverty. There are ample resources in this world to make a difference. Justice would be served by arresting the malignant destruction of life in a child riddled with cancer, a child who may not survive long enough to see his or her first day of kindergarten.

We can believe that Bin Laden was a cancer to the world, and that we were right to surgically remove him, but like many cancers, the ugliness will return again and again. I am happy that no more innocent lives will be lost at the hands of Bin Laden, but as with poverty, and sickness, we must remember that God has a much better plan if we let go and let Him guide us.

I am proud of my country, and proud of our potential to change the world. I am proud of the Navy Seals who carried out their orders with great courage, and who would never use innocent victims as shields. Our country’s fundamental belief in what is morally right is seen in the actions of brave and honorable men and women.

Nonetheless, I would rather have heard the President say that this was a sad day for America, that any day in which Americans must justify the death of another is a day that perpetuates fear, and compromises the beliefs upon which our country was built.

It is hard to think that someone like Bin Laden, or Hitler are loved by God in the same way that He loves me. How can it be that those who cause so much pain receive the same love as me?

The answer for me is that it cannot be any other way. Love can only be unconditional or it becomes fear. Until we embrace unconditional love we will continue to kill each other.

What would it take for an entire nation to live solely from unconditional love? Unless we answer that question there will always be conflict, and countless days of sadness.


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