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Are You Where You Are?

Life has a habit of unfolding in ways different from what we have imagined.

The resounding thud of swiftly closing doors has become an all too common part of daily life. What happened to simple, when a sense of adventure and a belly full of laughter were all that were necessary to win the day?

The memories are vivid. They’re as real as the blazing sunsets in a tropical paradise, where palm trees dance to the tune of a cool ocean breeze, and the thunderous fury of torrential rainstorms sounds off in the distance.

If only we could be where we would choose to be, but the cool breeze whips into a frenzy, and carries the stench of gutters piled high with the filth and foulness of a bustling metropolis. Street vendors hungrily hawk their wares hoping for their next meal. The more fortunate scorn the scum and scavengers that crowd the streets of their fair city. The long forgotten sit in the gutter and hold their hands high.

Perception or reality, sunset or stench, choose or follow, if you are where you are, are you where you’re supposed to be?


Seven Simple Moments


Send a message to a favorite cousin on Facebook. The reply you get may be a special one that brightens your day, and inspires you to cherish the moment as you feel the love within the words.


Read a book written by a writer that teaches, “If we are not happy, if we are not peaceful, we cannot share peace and happiness with others”. Is there a better way to spend a day than finding your own happiness by bringing  joy to others?The words of Thich Nhat Hanh are as simple as they are beautiful.


Spend some quiet time tending to your garden. Immerse yourself in the world of Ladybugs and Butterflies, Sweet Peas and Sunflowers.  Be mindful, savor each moment, and surround yourself with the miracle of life in its countless forms.


If you and the person you love are separated by the complexities of life send her or him a message of true, unconditional love. Communicate your desire for their happiness, your hope that they find peace, and your commitment to their well-being. No service is greater than to be of service to others.


Detach from outcome. It is well documented that worrying about what may or may not happen can be very hazardous to one’s health. Always do what you think is right, and just, and enjoy the good fortune that is sown with such action. Those who can detach from outcome often live lives of problem free, worry free moments that can become years of joy and tranquility. It’s not that they encounter fewer problems than the rest of us, but that they experience those problems differently, and never lose faith in their ability to overcome any obstacle.


Assemble your thoughts with a thankful heart and present them to the world. Remove your focus from yourself, focus solely on what you can do for others, embrace gratitude, and quickly find your life filled with many precious moments.


Very simply, leave the past where it belongs, and the future where it will be. Create life in every present moment, and find that you are where you are because there’s nowhere else you could possibly be.


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